One secure platformenabling the full potential of all your locks

Sfinx provides a platform and technology that allows all smart locks to be managed, operated and shared on one vendor-independent platform. Sfinx is an enabler for producers of locks and objects that need to be closed and unlocked and relieves all users who want to have access and want to share.

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What do we offer?

Our Propositions

Sfinx offers an end-to-end secure ecosystem, where safety and ease of use are absolutely paramount. To make this possible, the ecosystem is built on three pillars:

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iOS / android

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Paramount in the user-centric approach. Sfinx offers a free user application to provide an intuitive dashboard of all the compatible connected locks of the user Available end 2020.

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Software ecosystem

Sfinx provides end-to-end blockchain-based software solutions. Sfinx provides API/SDK integrations and management tools to onboard, manage and support your smart locks in the field.

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Built in

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A secure Sfinx chipset acts as the heart of the ecosystem. The chip is to be integrated into your solution or product and enables the end-to-end security in a smart & convenient way.


Pushing the envelope of a
user-centric secure future.

Sfinx partners with the bold digital innovators, pushing the envelope of a user-centric secure future. Sfinx is sector independent and connects with those who build/integrate smart locks applications and use cases.

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The reason why

What's in it for you?

Digital lock integration & interfacing

Sfinx provides a reduced cost & time to market to integrate smart lock solutions and applications. With all the building blocks and processes in place, Sfinx can speed up your digital roadmap and decrease the risk.

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Enabling new business streams & revenue models

Smart lock solutions enable new ways to monetize your propositions. Sfinx enables the potential of selling keys as a service, stop selling locks but grant access, integrate with third parties,...

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Access to a vast network of potential smart lock users across multiple verticals

Sfinx is a horizontally focusing organization, not bound to any vertical and linking different sectors of smart lock solutions. By bridging the sectors, Sfinx combines the user potential of all sectors combined into a vast upsell potential.

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About us

Born from a personal frustration

The Sfinx disruption is a unique blend of frustration and ambition. No one is unfamiliar, too many keys in your pocket and the hopeless search for the right key (in the pouring rain or biting cold) or worse, lost the key and no one else who can open the door quickly. But also, wanting to share a key with someone and having to meet that person while not living in each other's neighbourhood is quite a hassle most of the time. The number of people who have never experienced this frustration can probably be counted on one hand. Leo, creator of the innovative Sfinx Inside concept, is one of those people who, together with his family, was immensely bothered by the problem ... and had the ambition to solve it. In 2017, Leo came up with a vendor-independent, innovative, affordable and accessible concept for the general population, i.e. a single mobile application (on a smartphone) that provides access to any "object". The market & technologies were critically examined and a technology and business roadmap was developed. And now ... we are ready for the next step.

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